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    The Cruelty of Children

    I thought I had escaped my fourth-grade bully. Then she found me on Facebook.

    Words by Eve Sturges, illustration by Camille.

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    Dad goals

    that’s the cutest demonstration of wingchun i have seen my entire life

    Gently demonstrating two dozen blocks, traps, intercepts and strikes in a few seconds — an early and advanced education for a child who will likely grow up with an acute eye and feel for how the body works.

    OH MY GOSH I saw the video for this and nearly cried! The best part is taht she’s having fun but over time you can see she gets more and more serious about it and aahhhhh~

    Wing Chun daddy, forever reblog. Oh hey, the video.

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    You wanna get in my world, get lost in it. Boy, I’m tired of running. Let’s walk for a minute.

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    Fei Fei Sun Backstage at Ermano Scervino Spring 2011.

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    with hands clasped

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