1. wmagazine:

    Free Winona

    Polaroid courtesy of Robert Rich. 

  5. officialrodarte:

    Vote for our short film (This Must Be the Only Fantasy) by Todd Cole in the Webby Awards! http://bit.ly/1eFCWBl

  6. virusvisal:

    Me encargaron pintar unos tennis con el tema de Alicia en el pais de las maravillas, tenía años que no pintaba tennis y fue divertido, aunque me tardé más de lo que había planeado originalmente logre entregarlos a tiempo xD.


    I was asked to paint some shoes with the theme of Alice in wonderland, its been years since i painted something like this. Last time i painted shoes they were for me and they were 2 sizes too big and i didn’t even notice until i had finished painting… and I still have them for show but can’t wear them and it so sad u_u.

    Pictures sucks ‘cause im not good at taking pictures =V!

  10. rookiemag:

    The Cruelty of Children

    I thought I had escaped my fourth-grade bully. Then she found me on Facebook.

    Words by Eve Sturges, illustration by Camille.